Northfield Township Code of Ordinances

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Northfield Township's Code of Ordinances is updated annually.  Any newly adopted ordinances, or amendments to existing ordinances that are not yet included above, will be listed here:

  • 10/11/16 - Ordinance 16-52: Allowing Kennels as a Conditional use in LI and GI Districts
  • 02/14/16 - Ordinance 17-53: Zoning Ordinance Amendments - Repealing HI & ES Districts and Re-zoning them GC, amend the permitted uses and conditional uses of the GC-General Commercial District, amend the permitted uses and conditional uses of the GC District, repeal the Floor Area Ratio standards of the GC District, revise use standards in the LC-Local Commercial District and RO-Residential/Office District, remove references to the HC District and ES District from the General Provisions and Sign Regulations, revise the standards for Storage of Materials, and revise the standards for Outdoor Seating and/or Service

Below are some questions you may have regarding what codification is all about.  Any questions you have that are not listed below may be directed to our Township Office, (734)449-2880. 

What is Codification?

What is the benefit to codification?

What types of legislation are normally codified?

What are the steps in the codification process?

Is the Township's Code only available on-line?

What happens after the initial publication?