Community Garden

The Parks & Recreation Board is once again getting the Community Garden ready for another great growing season.  The Community Garden is intended to be a public space reserved for residents allowing them to have an area to grow their own fruits and vegetables using raised beds.  Plots are free for Northfield Township residents. There is a $25 charge for non-residents. In addition, we are planning on having a plot that will be used to grow foods to donate to local food pantries. 


  • WATERING IMPROVEMENTS!  We have the tanks from past years still available on-site to fill your watering containers.  We will be replacing the nozzles on the tanks to help prevent leakage, and there will be a hand pump installed this spring! 
  • We have a new e-mail address.  The best way to contact us is at
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  • We are looking at other ways to improve the site, and will keep you up to date as these details are worked out!

If you are interested in maintaining a plot this year, please send a message to with your name, contact information, and the number of plots you are interested it.  Please note, if you are requesting multiple plots, we try to accommodate all requests for multiple plots but also do not want to have to turn people away that are interested.  Depending on how much interest we receive, we may need to limit the number of plots available per person/group.
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for improvements, please let us know.  Hope to see you all soon!

The Community Garden is located at 9142 Main Street (kitty-corner from the Northfield Township Community Center).  Anyone interested in reserving a space or in volunteering their time to get the gardens up and growing, please call 734-449-2880 ext. 18 or e-mail us at 

Community Garden 2

Community Garden 3                         Community Garden 4

Community Garden 5 

Community Garden 6