Search Assessing Records and Make On-Line Payments

Search Tax and Assessing Records:
The link at the bottom of this page will connect you to  Here you can search for Assessing Records, view our Municipal Dashboard, make on-line payments for utility bills and tax bills, and more.

Make an On-line Payment:
Northfield Township allows residents to pay sewer and tax bills online.  This service is provided through Official Payments. To make your payment on-line, simply click on the link below, and look up your account in the various search options on the left hand menu bar of the web page.  From there, click on the payment link next to your bill amount and follow through with each page / prompt. 

There are fees for credit/debit card payments.  The fee for on-line payments of sewer bills is a flat fee of $2.75 per on-line transaction, regardless of the bill amount.  For tax payments, a 2.68% service fee is assessed. 

Make a Payment by Phone
You can also use your credit/debit card to make a payment by phone.  Call toll free (800) 272-9829, and use our township code 3241.

There are fees for credit/debit card payments.  For utility bills, there is a fee of $3.95 per phone transaction.  For tax payments, a 2.68% service fee is assessed. 

Northfield Township is able to accept credit/debit card payments at the Township office as well as on-line. Fees also apply when paying with a credit/debit card at the office.

Click here to make your payment on-line and to search for tax and assessing records.