Open, Transparent Government

Open, Transparent Government! 

Municipal Performance Dashboard: A Performance Dashboard is intended to provide our residents with performance measures of governmental operations.  It is a tool to aid in our efforts to make government more transparent and to allow the public the ability to see and influence the direction of their township.  The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the township and its residents.  This data includes a current and prior year overview comparison as well as charts and graphs that allow you to view trends over multiple years.  Areas of focus include Fiscal Stability, Economic Strength, Public Safety, and Quality of Life.

Municipal Performance Dashboard

2022 CVTRS Reports

2023 Debt Service Report

MI Community Financial Dashboard

Financial Information: The Township's finances, budget and fiscal picture are of great importance to both residents and businesses.  As follows are links to recent audits, budgets and various reports of significance.

What is a Budget? 

2024-25 Fiscal Year Budget
2023-24 Fiscal Year Budget
2022-23 Fiscal Year Budget                       2023 Audit Report
2021-22 Fiscal Year Budget                        2022 Audit Report
2020-21 Fiscal Year Budget                        2021 Audit Report
2019-20 Fiscal Year Budget
                        2020 Audit Report
2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget                        2019 Audit Report
2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget (amended 1/17/18)  2018 Audit Report 
2016-17 Fiscal Year Budget                         2017 Audit Report
2015-16 Fiscal Year Budget
                         2016 Audit Report
2014-15 Fiscal Year Budget                         2015 Audit Report
2013-14 Fiscal Year Budget                         2014 Audit Report
2013 Audit Report                                   2012 Audit Report
2011 Audit Report                                   2010 Audit Report
2009 Audit Report                                   2008 Audit Report
2007 Audit Report                                   2006 Audit Report
2005 Audit Report                                   2004 Audit Report
2003 Audit Report                                   2002 Audit Report
2001 Audit Report                                   2000 Audit Report

Transparency: Northfield Township takes great pride in delivering open and transparent government, and we view it not as a goal, but rather a requirement of our operational structure.  Board members, staff, commissions, and volunteers are here to serve the public, and to that end, strive to provide the greatest transparency possible within our various operations. 

The Township Board of Trustees, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals publish all their meetings online and via cable access.  To view both archived and live meetings of these various boards, see our link below.  All minutes, agendas and meeting packets are also available through this website.  Recently, the Township set out to update our website and codify our code of ordinances in an effort to provide a more direct, timely, and responsive government.

For your convenience, we've consolidated links to various areas of our website related to open, transparency government.