Northfield Township Code of Ordinances

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Northfield Township's Code of Ordinances is updated annually.  Any newly adopted ordinances, or amendments to existing ordinances that are not yet included above, will be listed here:

     * September 13, 2022: Ordinance 22-76 Amendment to Marihuana Business Hours - effective September 25, 2022
     * December 13, 2022: Ordinance 22-77 Amendments to Zoning Map - effective December 25, 2022
     * February 28, 2023: Ordinance 23-78 Parcel B-02-19-100-021 rezoning from AR to SR-1 and amendment to zoning map - effective March 12, 2023
     * March 28, 2023: Ordinance 23-79 Amendments to Zoning Map - effective April 7, 2023
     * May 9, 2023: Ordinance 23-80 Amendment to Regulations for Accessory Structures in WLHL District - effective May 19, 2023

Below are some questions you may have regarding what codification is all about.  Any questions you have that are not listed below may be directed to our Township Office, (734)449-2880.

What is Codification?

What is the benefit to codification?

What types of legislation are normally codified?

What are the steps in the codification process?

Is the Township's Code only available on-line?

What happens after the initial publication?