Zoning Board of Appeals Application Process

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Application Process

In order to apply for a Zoning Variance, Northfield Township requires that you complete a Zoning Compliance Application / Certificate.  The purpose of this step is to verify the need for a variance and confirm the correct zoning of your property.  Once the Zoning Compliance Application / Certificate is complete and reviewed by the Township's building official confirming the need for a ZBA application, applicants will then be required to submit a Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing Application.  There is an application fee for ZBA petitions.  This covers administrative costs and board member salaries.  The Township is required to have at least two ZBA meetings per year, which are scheduled for February and August.
      Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing Application (Second Step)

If you wish to submit a Zoning Board of Appeal application / variance, we encourage you to read the following document on how best to present a case and advocate for a position.

       Best Practices for Zoning Board of Appeals Applicants