Member Openings: Planning Commission, ZBA, Board of Review and more!

Northfield Needs YOU!


     Are you a resident of Northfield Township?  Do you love your community? Would you like to do more to help our township prosper?  Well, we may just have the opportunity you're looking for!

     2016 will soon be coming to an end, and with that comes the end of some member's terms on various Township Boards.  Now is your opportunity to get involved.  If any of the following openings are of interest to you, please submit your letter of interest along with your qualifications by clicking on the links provided below.  Please turn in your submission by December 23rd.  The Township Board will be looking to fill these openings at an upcoming board meeting.  In addition to the committee openings, the Northfield Township Area Library and the Northfield Township Police Department are both looking for part-time employees.  Their information is also provided below.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission advises Township officials in matters of planning and development of the community, prepares plans, and makes recommendations for land-use and the environment. Some of the responsibilities of the Planning Commission include developing the Master Plan, developing new language for and/or amending the Zoning Ordinance, reviewing requests for new development, and developing the Township's annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The Planning Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, and each member serves a 3 year term.  Visit the Planning Commission web page for more information.  
* Click here to submit your letter of interest for the Planning Commission. *

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is appointed by the Board of Trustees.  The ZBA has the ability to grant variances or exemptions to the Zoning Ordinance in instances where there is evidence of hardship. The different types of appeals the ZBA hears are: interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance text or map; appeals of administrative decisions; variances of Development Standards; and other specific duties associated with Ordinance non-conformity.  The ZBA meets on the 3rd Monday of each month (as needed), and each member serves a 3 year term.  Visit the ZBA web page for more information.  
* Click here to submit your letter of interest for the ZBA. *

Board of Review
The Board of Review reviews the assessment roll received from the Assessor for complete, accurate, uniform and valid data. The Board of Review meets in March, July and December each year.  In March, the Board of Review conducts public hearings on property appeals. In July and December, the Board of Review reviews clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, and situations involving hardship exemptions, principal residency exemptions, and qualified agricultural property exemptions.  All members serve a 2 year term.  Visit the Board of Review web page for more information.  
* Click here to submit your letter of interest for the Board of Review. *

Farmland and Natural Areas Preservation Committee
The Board of Trustees is looking to develop a plan for the preservation of our local farmland and natural areas.  In order to do this, they would like to create a committee specifically dedicated toward this endeavor.  The role of this committee would be to research and debate various strategies relative to preservation that would be of benefit to Northfield Township.  The committee would then present its findings to the Township Board.  If you are interested in being involved with this committee, please click here.

Part-time Police Officer
The Northfield Township Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Part-time Police Officer.  Northfield Township Police Officers enjoy flexible scheduling and competitive wages. Shift hours will vary depending on coverage requirements, and will include nights, weekends and holidays.  Applicants must be a high school graduate, MCOLES Certified/Certifiable, and have an exemplary background and employment record.  If you are currently enrolled in a MCOLES approved basic police academy and will graduate in the near future, you are encouraged to apply. Interested persons must submit a completed Application and MCOLES release form, which are provided below.  The deadline for submitting your application is December 23, 2016.  Applications should be submitted to:

     Northfield Township Police Department
     Attn: Sgt. Martin Smith & Sgt. Jeff Davidson
     8350 Main St.
     Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

NTPD Application
MCOLES release form

Part-time Library Assistant
The Northfield Township Area Library is looking for a Part-time Library Assistant to work 12-15 hours per week, including every Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm.  Under general supervision, the library assistant would perform advanced clerical work, public service work, technical service work, request/interlibrary loan work, provide service to library patrons, and complete other library work as requested. The library assistant must be willing to be cross-trained, and to work in other departments. This position pays $11.00 per hour, and requires working nights and weekends.  A High School diploma and basic computer knowledge is also required.
*Click here for an application. *