Don't Get Scammed!



Northfield Twp Police Remind all our community members to stay diligent in not becoming an unsuspecting victim of a fraudulent scheme.

The FBI is continuing to get reports on the Jury Duty scam. If you receive a call advising that you have failed to report for Jury duty; DO NOT give the caller (claiming to be an law enforcement officer or an officer of the court) any personal information. DO NOT send money for an assessed fine. This is a scam.

The Federal Trade Commission has received reports of an Amazon Gift Card Scam. DO NOT pay for high ticket on line items ie, electronics, cars, boats, motorcycles or recreational items with Amazon gift cards, iTune gift cards or any gift cards. DO NOT pay with reloadable cards by providing the seller with the code. If you have given your code for such a purchase, contact Amazon Customer Service through your account or call 1-888-280-4331. Request the card to be disabled and report any such activity to the FTC.

Northfield Twp Police are again encouraging residents to file their taxes early before someone else files under their name. Data breaches have compromised personal information, allowing U.S citizens to become victims of tax fraud. This is a good time to request your annual free credit report as well ( or 1-877 322 8228). Take advantage of free monitoring services offered by the compromised company and place a “security freeze” on your credit file to prevent identity theft and fraudulent purchase.

If you feel you have been a victim of a crime, file a police report. If you have any other questions concerning fraud, contact Officer Colling at