Welcome Our New Code Enforcement Officer!

Welcome Our New
Code Enforcement Officer!

Mike Rankin     x On, March 7, 2017 we hired our new Code Enforcement Officer, Michael Rankin.  Mike brings with him a lot of great experience from his time with the Ann Arbor Police Department, where he was a Community Standards Supervisor for seven years.  He has also worked with the Michigan Department of Corrections and Michigan Department of Mental Health.

Mike is planning on being in Northfield Township on Wednesdays to handle our Code Enforcement complaints.  We have not had a Code Enforcement Officer in place since November of last year, so he will begin by cleaning up the backlog of complaints since that time.  Mike is contracted to work eight hours per week.  Please be patient if we are not able to respond to your concern immediately.

Our goal and commitment is to maintain an attractive and well maintained community for all of our residents, visitors, and businesses to enjoy.  Mike will be working in partnership with Northfield residents and business owners to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment, and to enhance the quality of life in our community by eliminating unsightly or hazardous conditions.

Code Enforcement covers a variety of codes and ordinances that the Township has adopted over the years that affect all aspects of our Township's quality of life.
Common Residential Concerns include:
  • Lack of landscape maintenance, including mowing and weed removal
  • Excess debris or trash visible from the street
  • Inoperable vehicles, boats, trailers or equipment stored in public view
  • Poorly maintained houses
Common Business Concerns include:
  • Illegal temporary signs, such as banners and window signs
  • Outside storage of goods or equipment
  • Lack of landscape maintenance

If you have a concern or complaint for Mike to look into, he can be contacted in the following ways:
  • E-mail:  rankinm@northfieldmi.gov
  • Phone: 734-449-2880 ext. 13
  • Mail:   Northfield Township Code Enforcement
               P.O. Box 576
               Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
  • On-line:  On-line Complaint forms can be submitted via our website
  • In person: Written Complaint forms can be completed at the Township office:
            8350 Main St.
            Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
Please help us welcome Mike into the community!