Press Release - Lt. Greene

*Lt. Tim Greene charged by the State Attorney General*

The Northfield Township Police Department was notified today that Northfield Township Police Department Lieutenant Timothy Greene, was charged with 6 counts of Uttering and Publishing. The incidents occurred and charges were filed in Livingston County. These counts each carry a penalty of up to 6 years in Prison. 

Greene was authorized to perform Salvage Auto Inspections for and by the Hamburg Township Police Department as work outside of Northfield Township. Greene was not charged with wrong doing for the Northfield Township Police Department.

The Department was notified in November of 2016 that Greene was under investigation by the FBI. At that time Greene was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

In June 2017 The Northfield Township Board of Trustees voted to place Greene on unpaid leave and directed Public Safety Director Wagner to start an internal investigation for possible department policy and procedure violations. That investigation is nearly complete. Greene still remains on unpaid administrative leave.

Greene started as a full time police officer with the Northfield Township Police department in January of 1993. He was a reserve and part time officer previous to that.

William Wagner
Director of Public Safety
Northfield Township Police Department