Building Department fees have changed!

New Building Department Fee Schedule

At a recent Board Meeting, it was decided to update our Building Department Fee Schedule.  One of the more noticeable changes is that you, as a resident, are no longer required to obtain a permit to perform general maintenance on your home, so long as there are no changes to existing framework.    In general, for maintenance such as repairing/replacing existing windows (if there are no changes to the existing opening), replacing shingles, new siding, etc., you no longer are required to obtain a permit from the Township Building Department.  However, we do ask if there is any doubt, to please contact the Building Department to verify whether a permit is needed just to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

For any new construction, additions, structural changes, etc. you are required to obtain permits.  All building permits include a $25 non-refundable application fee; plus $4.00 per thousand of the construction value, and $50 per inspection fee. Plan review fee is separate.  Click to view the new Building Department Fee Schedule.

Please visit our Building Department page for more details and to download permits.