Community Park Design Open House & Design Timeline

Northfield Township has recently engaged a consultant to assist in the planning and design of the Northfield Township Community Park.  The Parks and Recreation Board met with Johnson Hill on November 15, 2021 to review the draft designs for the park.   The following revised timeline will have the final design ready for the January 11th Township Board meeting for approval:

  • Parks and Rec Board - Special Meeting:  December 2, 2021 - this meeting will review the final draft designs and approve for recommendation to the township board.
  • Parks and Rec Board (Joint Meeting with the Township Board): December 16, 2021 at 7:00PM- The Parks and Rec Board is requesting a joint meeting with the Northfield Township Board during their regular schedule board meeting to have a public open house to finalize designs.

    Please join the Northfield Township Parks & Recreation Board and the Northfield Township Board of Trustees to review and comment on preliminary design alternatives for the park. This input is essential to understanding the community’s preferences for park programming, design, and development. This meeting will be conducted in an open house setting focused on your questions, comments, and observations.  More information will be posted on the township website as we approach the meeting date.

  • Parks and Rec Board - Special Meeting:  January 4, 2022 - this meeting will review the final draft and approve for recommendation to the township board.
  • Township Board Meeting:  January 11, 2022 - Parks and Rec Board will request an agenda item to approve the final design from Johnson Hill.

To view the Information Packet for the Open House visit our Parks & Recreation Board Documents Page