Repaving of Public Safety Building Parking Lot

Construction has begun at the Northfield Township Public Safety Building (8350 Main St.) for the repair and replacement of sidewalks and parking lots.  This work will be completed in phases so as to be the least obstructive to township business as possible. However, there will be occasions where public access to the lobby of the Township Office and Police Department Office will be limited or unavailable.  During these times, staff will still be available by phone and/or email.  During the time period of June 10-21, please call in advance of your visit to our offices to verify that there is walk-in access to the building.

Below is an estimated timeline for the repaving project.  Dates may change due to weather or other circumstances.

  • Phase 1: June 10-21 - Replacement of sidewalks and damaged concrete.  New concrete will be poured at the front entrance of the Public Safety Building some time between June 12 & 16 (weather permitting).  Entrance to the lobby via the front doors will be unavailable for approximately 24 hours once concrete is poured.  Staff will be available by phone and/or email.
  • Phase 2: June 17-30 -  Asphalt replacement in parking lots at the front and rear of the Public Safety Building.  There will be public access to the building, however parking will be limited to the far rear of the building or along 7 Mile Rd.
  • Phase 3: July 1-14 - Asphalt replacement at the very back of the Public Safety Building
  • Phase 4: July 15-19 - Concrete replacement on the south side of the fire bays.