Aug. 6 Election Information

August 6, 2024 Election Information

As the August 6, 2024 Election approaches, the Clerk's office has had an increase in phone calls due to items people are receiving in the mail.  The state has mailed out voter registration forms to those they may not have registration records for, and pre-registration forms to 16 and 17 year olds to try to get them registered by the time they are eligible to vote at age 18.  There are also some forms being mailed by the Center of Voter Information.  This influx of mail has caused confusion with some residents.

Please note, election items that come through the mail from the State, the Center of Voter Information or either the Democratic or Republican party are sent as a courtesy.  You are not required to respond.  

Elections are managed by the local governing body.  If Northfield Township needs information from you, we will send you a request directly from our office.

To verify whether you are registered, verify which township you are registered with, view ballot material or for any other election information, please visit