Road and Transportation

On November 19, 2013, the Michigan Department of Transportation held a community meeting (full video below) at Northfield Township Hall on their plans to expand capacity on U.S. 23 by installing an active transportation management system and paving the shoulders to add an additional lane in each direction.  Additionally, all the bridges in Northfield Township along U.S. 23 will be replaced and various improvements will be made to acceleration / deceleration lanes.  Notably, N. Territorial interchange will be re-designed with tear drop round abouts. 

As follows are a number of documents from that presentation with additional information.

U.S. 23 / M-14 Improvements Summary Sheet

U.S. 23 Active Traffic Management Power Point Presentation

Concept drawing of Proposed N. Territorial Interchange

Please Contact Township Manager Howard Fink at 734.449.2880 or the Michigan Department of Transportation at 810.227.4681 for more information.