Public Forum for Van Curler Property

Public Forum for the Van Curler Property

The Northfield Township Board of Trustees recently submitted a purchase agreement for the Van Curler Property - the 23.5 acres of vacant land next to and behind the Post Office in Whitmore Lake (see image below).  Pending the results from soil and environmental testing, Northfield Township will soon be the owners of this prominent piece of land in Whitmore Lake's downtown area.  There have been many suggestions about what should happen to this property, but we want to hear from you, our residents, to see what you think.  We have set-up a Public Forum on the Northfield Township website to gather ideas and suggestions from the general public:  What would you like to see in this area?  How should this area be developed?

This forum has been set up to compile and discuss ideas related to the Van Curler Property.  Please refrain from using offensive or derogatory comments.  This forum is intended for positive change and constructive debate.  Thank you for your participation. 

Township Forum Page

 Van Curler Map outlined