Washtenaw County Millage Rates

The Washtenaw County millage rates for the Winter Taxes have been combined into one line on your winter tax bill.  There are several reasons for combining all of the millages into one line:

  • It was requested by some City and Township Treasurers to make billing and reconciliation easier and less prone to error.
  • It provides uniformity across jurisdictions within the County.
  • It will enable the County to automate receipts from local units.

The millage rate for “Washtenaw County” that appears on your tax bill is a combination of many smaller millage rates that were voted on by local residents. In an effort to help residents better understand their tax bill, this chart has been made to break down the “Washtenaw County” rate into the smaller, more specific millage rates that comprise it.

Purpose Date of Election Millage to be Levied Expiration Date of Millage
Parks 11/4/14 0.2387 12/2026
Parks 11/6/18 0.2260 12/2029
Parks 11/3/20 0.2474 12/2030
Enhanced Emergency
Communications System (EECS)
3/8/16 0.1910 12/2025
Veterans 11/8/16 0.0960 12/2023
Mental Health & Public Safety 11/7/17 0.9693 12/2025
Roads 8/4/20 0.4950 12/2023
Conservation  8/4/20 0.0197  12/2025 
Huron-Clinton Metroparks Act 147 of 1939,
election held in 1940
0.2070 None

Parks: These three items are for maintenance and operation of park lands, as well as acquisition of new lands for parks and recreational facilities.

EECS: This item provides funding for the County Enhanced Emergency Communications System. It supports upgrades to current infrastructure and allows for the construction of additional towers.

Veterans: This item includes financial relief and services for veterans, including the payment of indigent veteran claims. It also funds administration of the Washtenaw County Department of Veterans Affairs.

Mental Health & Public Safety: This item funds assessment, stabilization, and treatment services for residents, as well as providing crisis response programs and expanded education for first responders.

Roads: This item provides funds to preserve, maintain, and construct the county’s roads, bike lanes, and paths.

Conservation District: This item helps landowners with management and conservation of natural resources.

Huron-Clinton Metroparks: This item funds operations and improvements at local Metroparks, including Delhi Metropark, Hudson Mills Metropark, and Dexter-Huron Metropark.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Washtenaw County Treasurer's office at taxes@washtenaw.gov