Parks & Recreation

The Northfield Township Parks and Recreation Board

We are a dedicated group of residents and business owners working to establish a vision for future parks and recreation opportunities in Northfield Township, and in the short term, developing projects that our group has both the capacity to implement and that provides a tangible benefit to our community. The Parks and Recreation Board sees itself as a group who is charting a path and defining a direction; recognizing the Board's fiscal restraints and the actual needs of residents – rather then creating grandiose visions that rarely get implemented.

As a recent example of the Board's vision of identifying high impact projects that are reasonable to implement is the creation of the first ever, Northfield Township Dog Park.

While there is no Parks and Recreation Millage in Northfield, and the Township does not own any park properties, there are significant recreational activities available in our community. The Parks and Recreation Commission, as part of its master planning process, is working on categorizing what assets are available and putting strategies in place to make appropriate changes and updates for Northfield Township.

Park and Recreation Board Members

Chair:  Jennifer Delisle (term ends 7/1/24) 
Vice Chair:   TBD
Board of Trustees Representative:  Jacqueline Otto (term mirrors Board term)
DDA Representative:  Doug Wilbur (term mirrors DDA term)
School Board Representative:  Lee Cole
Member/Planning Commission Rep: Sam Iaquinto (term ends 7/1/22)
Member:  Tim Saville (term ends 7/1/22)
Member: Crystalyn Freund (term ends 7/1/23)
Member:  Lisa Craft  (term ends 7/1/22)
Member: Leslie Lauwers (term ending 7/1/24)

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