Planning Commission

Planning Commission

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The Planning Commission advises Township officials in matters of planning and development of the community, prepares plans, and makes recommendations for land-use and the environment. Members of the Planning Commission serve staggered terms.

The Northfield Township Planning Commission has the
following specific roles and responsibilities:

  1. Develop the Northfield Township Master Plan
    The Master Plan is the primary policy document to help guide land use decisions of the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees. The Master Plan is to be reviewed by the Planning Commission every five (5) years as required by State law.

  2. Develop new language or amend the Northfield Township Zoning Ordinance
    The Planning Commission shall develop standards and language for the zoning ordinance and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees for the adoption of these standards and language.

  3. Review and make recommendations on all rezoning requests
    Rezoning requests include both text and map change requests.

  4. Review all requests for new development within the Township through the site plan review process.

  5. Review applications for conditional land use and planned unit developments and make recommendations to the Township Board. 

  6. Development of the Township's annual Capital Improvement Plan
    The Capital Improvement Plan is a blueprint for planning a community's capital expenditures. It coordinates planning, financial capability and physical development and is to be used as a management tool for the budget and for planning purposes.

The Northfield Township Planning Commission conducts its regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Public Safety Building at 8350 Main Street.  Please check the main event calendar for meeting dates as the Commission may from time to time vote to postpone, reschedule, or cancel a meeting. Any postponement, rescheduling, or cancellation of a meeting shall be duly noted per applicable State and local requirements for open public meetings.

To contact the Planning Commission, please send your inquiry to our Planning/Zoning/Building Coordinator, Mary Bird

Mark Stanalajczo, Chair  (Term expires Dec. 2025)
Larry Roman, Vice Chair   (Term expires Dec. 2024)

John Zarzecki, Secretary   (Term expires Dec. 2026)
Janet Chick, Twp. Board Rep to the PC  (Term follows Board of Trustees term)
David Gordon, Member
  (Term expires Dec. 2026)
Sam Iaquinto, Member  (Term expires Dec. 2024)
Middy Matthews, Member  (Term expires Dec. 2025)
Planning Commission Representative to ZBA - John Zarzecki
Planning Commission Representative to Parks & Recreation Board - Middy Matthews

Planning Consultant & Zoning Administration - McKenna Associates

Lisa Lemble, Recording Secretary

To apply to be a Planning Commission Member, please complete the Northfield Township Boards & Commission Application and return it to the township office.