Supervisor's Office

The Supervisor’s most obvious and visible role is serving as the moderator of any Township Board meetings where he/she is present, and as such is frequently perceived by the public as the Township’s leader or spokesperson. The Supervisor is the Chief Assessing Officer and is ultimately responsible for the duties of the Assessing Department. As in most larger Townships and due to the State's requirements for licensing of assessors, Northfield Township has a credentialed Assessor, managed by the Supervisor.  The Township Supervisor works closely with the appointed Township Manager and Board of Trustees to enact polices and carry out efficient and effective operation of Northfield Township's government.

Township Supervisor, Ken Dignan III
8350 Main St.
P.O. Box 576
Whitmore Lake. MI 48189

Phone: (734) 449-2880 ext. 141
Cell: (734) 546-7803
Fax: (734) 449-0123