Fireworks Committee in Dire Need of Volunteers

Fireworks Committee in Dire Need of Volunteers

Meeting - Whitmore Lake 4th of July Committee

Friday, September 14,2018 at 6:30PM
Northfield Township Public Safety Building
8350 Main St., 2nd floor
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

It is clear to see the excitement and anticipation on the day of the fireworks. The streets flurry with activity to secure last minute supplies and neighbors finish preparations on boats and lawns for guests. Local businesses prepare and brace for the barrage of visitors that come to town. This is a spectacular event.

Many years ago when Northfield Township decided that they were no longer able to budget the fireworks, a set of volunteers stepped in to continue this cherished tradition and grew into the current Whitmore Lake 4th of July Committee. As our community prepares for this day of fun, volunteers continue grueling work behind the scenes securing and loading the fireworks barge, setting up the parking, lakefront command post, and all the other accommodations needed for a large crowd. Others continue selling 50/50 tickets to finish the funding. All these activities in the scorching heat! What fun!?

For years this committee has pleaded for more help because “many hands make light work”. Over the years this ever changing member base has dwindled to a skeleton crew who are just physically unable to sustain the work load and countless hours necessary to bring the fireworks to you. It was surprising that we were able to pull it off this year. More of our few members are just plain burnt out and stepping out.

Are you willing to let this tradition go by the wayside, or step in and take a turn. The decision is yours. This is our last call for volunteers!