4th of July - Parade and Fireworks cancelled

Unfortunately, the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks have been cancelled this year. In lieu of the parade, Kiwanis will be hosting a virtual parade. Please visit their Facebook page for details https://www.facebook.com/Kiwanis4thofJulyParade/

If you are planning to set off your own fireworks, here are some safety tips from the Northfield Township Department of Public Safety:

As the fourth of July approaches, we would like to remind our residents that the “MI Fireworks Safety Act” mandates that Fireworks:

• shall not be sold to a minor (anyone under the age of 18)

• shall not be ignited, discharged or used on property owned by the public, a school, a church or the property of another person without that organization's or person’s expressed permission.

• shall not be used while under the influence of alcoholic liquor, a controlled substance, or a combination of both.- this includes the use of low impact fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, snaps and poppers.

• shall not be sold unless the seller annually obtains, maintains and displays a consumer fireworks certificate. All certificates expire April 30.

• Shall be monitored by the Fire Department Commanding Officer should environmental concerns(dangerous conditions exist) require a no burning restriction.

Fireworks & Hot, Dry weather could cause grass fires
Use safely and always have water near when setting off fireworks

As of January 2019 Under state law fireworks can legally be used:
• Fridays and Saturdays between June 29th and July 4th 11:00am
until 11:45pm each day
• Dec 31 after 11am until Jan 1 1am
• Memorial Day weekend, specifically Saturday & Sunday until
11:45pm each day
• Labor Day Weekend, specifically Saturday & Sunday until
11:45pm each day

What types of fireworks are legal in Michigan?

Consumer fireworks Novelty items
• Roman candles Sparklers
• Bottle rockets Snaps
• Missile type rockets Poppers
• Aerials Snakes
• Re loadable shell devices
• Firecrackers
• Helicopter/aerial spinners
• Single tube device with report

Low impact fireworks
• Ground sparkling devices
• Ground-based or handheld sparklers
• Smoke devices

Although Fireworks are legal, the Northfield Twp Police remind our residents and their guests that it is unlawful for any person to create, assist in creating, permit, continue, or permit the continuance of, any unreasonably loud, disturbing, unusual, or unnecessary noise, which either annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of others within the limits of the Township of Northfield. (This includes setting off fireworks, other than the specified holidays)

Further, yelling, shouting, whistling, loud talking or singing on public streets, particularly between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. or at any other time or place as to annoy, or disturb the quiet comfort or repose of persons in any office, dwelling, hotel or any other type of residence or of any persons in the vicinity is also unlawful.

Remember to use caution when handling explosives and combustibles— Have a Safe 4th of July