Absent Voter Applications

Our Clerks office has been receiving multiple Absent Voter Applications from our residents. Absent Voter Applications are being sent out to residents from multiple agencies.  You do not need to fill out each application.  If you are on our Permanent AV List, you were mailed an application in June that was for both the August and November elections.  There is not a need to fill out additional forms for the November election if you returned this form and selected to receive the November ballot.

Anyone on our Permanent list that did not return their application or that signed up after the last election will receive an application from our office in the next few weeks.  Please note that the applications that come from the township office are red and white.  All others are black and white.  

If you are unsure if you have already turned in your application for November, you can call our Clerk's office to confirm. (734) 449-2880 ext. 113

For more election information visit www.michigan.gov/vote