Electronic Message Board Coming Soon!

At the March 12, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting, the board approved the purchase and installation of an electronic message board to be placed at the Public Safety Building, replacing the message board that is currently there.  The current message board is one that the letters have to be placed manually, and is in a location that can be difficult to see from the road.  The new electronic message board will be placed in a more visible area for our residents and will allow for multiples notices to be displayed.

The board received bids from three sign companies.  The accepted proposal was from Signs by Crannie in the amount of $43,990.62.

Message Board

Township Supervisor, Ken Dignan, made comment that a similar sign would be useful at Fire Station #2 on North Territorial Rd. to get information to more of our rural residents. While that is not in the budget at the current time, the board is hoping to bring this back for discussion at a future meeting.